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adult coloring book photographs landscape

Finalizing new coloring book with nature photos

I have too many projects going on right now. I’m working on two nonfiction books about writing (one is all about how to establish your author’s platform and the other is how to make a living as a business writer). I’m also halfway through with two fiction books. One is a mystery set in Tennessee […]

live a live of adventure dehydrated lasagna

Dehydrating lasagna and getting ready for adventurous weekend trips

This weekend I didn’t do anything adventurous. I planted my summer garden, did some yard work, and read a great science fiction book (The Expanse series kicks ass). However, I spent a good part of today preparing for a week-long trip to Montana and Wyoming this summer. My husband and I are going to Montana […]

living a life of adventure

How to live a life of adventure

I’ve been thinking about adventure lately. A few weeks ago I was having dinner with several friends who don’t like doing much outdoors. As I told them about my previous weekend backpacking trip, one friend looked at me and said “You are SO adventurous!” I never really think of myself that way, but I suppose I […]


Fern Cave receives Silver Medal in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards

This week I found out that my book Fern Cave won a silver medal in the Benjamin Franklin Book Awards, an international contest recognizing excellence in independent publishing. The book won an award in the 1-2 color interior design category. I’m really excited! It was a lot of work to write and publish this book and […]